I’ve been on hiatus the past two months. My apologies! 

I received an e-mail this afternoon from this man who e-mails me sporadically about jobs here and there in my area. The e-mail was about healthy foods! That was on the subject line so of course I automatically had to check it out. It was a list of 17 fruits and veggies to take. He also mentioned a study that for every one vegetable serving we would save 1,000 lives! Whoa, I thought. Let’s give this a shot. 

Here are the list of fruits and vegetables that we should all try: 

The top 17 best vegetables and fruits are:


Chinese Cabbage


Beet Greens



Leaf Lettuce (not iceberg)


Romaine Lettuce

Collard Green

Turnip Green

Mustard Green




Dandelion Green

Red Pepper
I can’t wait to give it a try! Found some fresh blueberries in the fridge to snack on! Until then! 

Ella’s American Folk Art Café

Enjoyed Ella’s American Folk Art Café on Friday with great people, great conversations and of course with great food! Here is what I had for starters:

This was absolutely exquisite! These large potato wedges tossed in Ella’s house mustard, seasoned with sea salt, and topped with cilantro and sriracha, which I was afraid of because spicy has never been my first option. Of course, I had to get the rasta-far-fries fully loaded with everything. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get the whole experience, right? Well, the whole experience was phenomenal and I would highly recommend this appetizer if you are in the mood for some potato wedges! It was the perfect amount of spices and potato wedges to start of the evening right. We had a pitcher of white sangria to accompany our meals.

Chicken and the hoe, which is now known as the Chicken Mole

This delicious roasted chicken in mojo is very savory and slowed cook to perfection! It comes with arepa (which is ground dough or cooked flour prominent in the Colombian cuisines) and half of an avocado rellono, mole Negra. The avocado rellono is flavored with onions, cilantro, and pepper. Almost like salsa. Again, I highly recommend this entrée dish as well. Come try it! 
Portugal dish: I have not yet had the chance to cook a Portuguese meal! I’m not much of a cook, but I’m hoping to make it this week with my husband’s help. My husband JJ loves to cook! Getting him in the kitchen to prepare a meal will not be an issue. Until then! 

Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea- Try the World

For those of you that know me very well, you may know that I am a sucker for tea from all parts of the world! A little over a year ago I posted a picture on my Instagram of my tea collection. Here it is: 

…yeah, luckily it wasn’t a problem because my husband and I were able to drink most of the teas through the cold winter days and have even served some of the fruity teas cold. When we moved back to Tampa from Jacksonville in with my parents, my mom happily helped herself to some of our tea and even purchased some jasmine tea. 
But I digress…..
This Apple and Cinnamon Black tea is pretty delicious! I just had some mini blueberry muffins and needed something to complement my tasty treat. I knew black tea was the perfect choice and since I have my Portuguese try the world box (I’ve been calling it that since I got it , ha!) I figured have some black tea with my mini blueberry muffins, and…… YUM! 

Everything is yummy to me, but you know it’s delicious when you do a little happy dance along with it. I tried to moon walk back to my husband with his cup of tea but failed. 

I don’t drink tea with anything unless I’m in the mood for it. When I was pregnant, my husband made all my teas with honey or some rock sugar from teavana. This black tea I brewed had no additional additives so that I could taste the mixed blends of flowers, fruits and tea leaves. I must say, it was very satisfying with my dessert and I was very pleased to know that my husband liked it too. #food #tealover 

Rocha Pear Jam- Try the World

This delicious rocha pear jam is absolutely exquisite! I decided to spread it across my Cuban bread for breakfast and it was very light, but the little chunks of pears gave it enough sweetness to give it that perfect sweet but not to sweet taste! Give it a try!!!

A little bit about Rocha Pear Jam from try the world culture guide:

This jam is made with rocha pears, a variety that is native to Portugal and grown exclusively on the country’s western coast. The variety is named after Pedro António Rocha, the farmer who discovered the variety on his farm centuries ago.

#breakfast #foodie

Delicious appetizer 

This delicious Asian lettuce wrap from The Cheese Cake Factory is fantastic! It comes with a few pieces of seasoned chicken to put in your lettuce, topped with shaved cucumbers (which I can taste the vinegar and a little bit of sugar, sesame seed and pepper in the cucumber) some carrots, sprouts, noodles and cilantro! Absolutely fantastic presentation, so colorful! The three dipping sauce were peanut, tangy sesame and cilantro sauce! Divine! This is something I’d love to try and make at home. I will be looking up the recipe soon. 

Trying the World!?

I was browsing online about restaurants to visit in the Tampa Bay Area that is unique and has great reviews, but I guess when I googled food from around the world prior to narrowing down the country/restaurant I would like to try, an ad for trytheworld.com popped up! Is this for real or did someone heard my prayers and answered them!? From what I have read so far, trytheworld.com is basically a  monthly subscription of meals you receive from all over the world. This month’s country is Portugal. You don’t have to ask me twice if I am going to try it! 

Let’s discuss: Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok is a famous Filipino noodle dish topped with shrimp sauce and cooked shrimp, fish flakes, crushed pork rinds, fried garlic, boiled pork, scallions and sometimes fried tofu. It’s then topped with hard boiled eggs.

I have loved pancit palabok ever since I was a child and it has always been compared to my all time favorite dish: spaghetti! No! It does not taste like spaghetti, it just looks like it. You must mix up the ingredients together to get all the taste. (This photo is only for show 😁)

If you ever end up at the annual Philippine festival here in Tampa or know someone who can make palabok, give it a try! It’s pretty delicious! 

My mother is Filipina-and she cooks a lot of Filipino food. There are some food that I am not too fond off, but for the most part, I enjoy eating Filipino dishes. Pancit palabok is definitely one of my favorites.